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Modernizing the Craft Industry : The Cricut Maker 

Cricut maker is a smart cutting machine.It uses advanced tools which gives you the freedom to make any project which you can imagine.It can be used with hundred types of materials varying  from delicate paper, fabric to leather and basswood.

How does it work?

You can connect cricut to your computers,tablets, mobile phones wirelessly via Bluetooth, it works on a software called Design Space that is available for Windows, Mac, iOS. You can create or download any design you want.The software helps in importing and creating designs.

Which cricut should be bought?

There are five types of cricut machines:

  1. Circutexplores air 2
  2. Cricut maker
  3. Circutjoy
  4. Cricut maker 3
  5. Cricut explore 3

They vary through the types of materials being used in the projects.

You can cut over 300 materials with this machine and  can use over 12 tools for cutting,writing,scoring and other effects.

Tools you need with the cricket maker:

  1. Basic toolset
  2. Machine matvariety pack
  3. Fabric grip machine mat
  4. Brayer
  5. Heat resistance  tape
  6. Easy press mat
  7. knife blade and drive housing
  8. Engraving Tip and quick swap.  housing
  9. Foil transfer Kit
  10. Infusable ink pens

What do you get when you buy a new cricut maker?

In addition to your choice of color, here’s what comes in the box:

  1. Your cricket maker machine
  2. Its power cord and USB cable
  3.  2-12”× 12” mats, 1 pink fabric grip ,1 blue light grip
  4. Premium fine point blade with housing
  5.  Rotary blade with the new drive housing
  6. Black fine point pen
  7. The cricket maker welcome book
  8. A few small materials pieces for a practice project

And you also get:

•A free one month trial of cricket access.

• 50 project designs, 25 of which are sewing patterns.

The cricut maker does come with everything you need to cut out cut or draw basic designs.

How to use the cricut software?

Circuit Design space for desktop or laptop.

For desktop version,you need to  sign into a cricut ID using your email address. Once you are in you can, click on new project an you will be promoted to download.

If your computer is not Bluetooth compatible, you will connect your machine using the USB cord to your computer.

Cricut design space for Android andiPhone’s.

For the mobile versions too, you need to sign with the email in cricket ID, you have to download the app for the function.

When you are logged in, all you need now is your cut file to make the project.

Now, what is the cut file and where do you get your cut files from for your cricket maker?

Design space has several tools that you can use to make your designs called cut files to get the hang of your machine. I would recommend using the precut file. Which are available on different websites for free.

You can get your cut files from websites like:


• craft bloggers


Who sells Cricut?

You can buy directly from Cricut’s website or is a good place to buy the machine and its accessories.

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